Yeast decanting

[quote=“Bier brauer”]I went back into YeastCalc and plugged in OG as 1.064 listed in NB magazine instead of the 1.048 on the instructions. If the 1.064 OG is the right one, I will be under pitched. Another question I have is using the YeastCalc, should I match the starter OG to the on the DME calculator to the wort properties OG? I did not do that.
I will take starter out of the refrigerator on brew day, decant most of the “clear” liquid, swirl the remaining liquid, then pitch their chilly butts into the wort, which should be in the neighborhood of 67 degrees. :slight_smile:
The yeast calc assumes a certain starter gravity. Not sure what it is. The other side calc is just to help with how much DME to use. Check the recipe or what the kit came with. Like I said, 6 lbs of LME will get you 1.048 and 9 lbs will get you 1.064.

Good luck today!

I’d also caution against long stirplate times. The yeast are done after 36 hours or less, and if you keep them in suspension, they don’t take up nutrients they need. As far as I can remember, Chris White and Jamil Z suggest turning off the stirplate after a day or so, in their book “Yeast”.