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Why corn sugar for priming?

I’ve primed with both corn sugar and table sugar. I’ve never used malt extract for carbonation so I have never done a side by side comparison like a few people on this thread but I don’t notice any negative effects from priming with simpler sugars so I will continue to do so. Up until I start kegging anyway :slight_smile:

Bettadenbuyin, with all due respect, this is a question you can easily answer for yourself, as I did. Simply prime half a batch with sugar and the other half with extract. Be sure to use a carbonation calculator so that you end up with the same volumes of CO2 in each. Then use the blind triangle tasting procedure to decide which you like best. After all, it’s all about your own taste preference, isn’t it?

Denny do yes realize the myself aspect,after reading was now expecting dmtaylo ,Wisconsin gentleman ,mattnaik to say exact same do yourself it’s this 4 ingr. Thing reinheitsgebot ,always ale,lager turn out better than what store has .ill leave you guys alone sorry to bother thank you for responses, may your water never need tampering :twisted: awesome water here Thanx DM. Thanx MAT

A word on Karo. I don’t knok it is just the stuff around here but I have never seen any that wasn’t flavored with vanilla.


I was not shedding negative light on karo damnit forgot again is it vulkin anyway sir it was first thing came to mind actually now that I do give it thought corn syrup,not sugar would have come to my attention sooner if I kept these & all items mentioned on hand with exception of the dme,the hard candy blows my mind,did you run out of whatever primer & raid candy dish on end table parents house,or did you set out this in mind? Oh & please do not misinterpret as we would still be heaving rocks at each other if no one thought to strap sharp one to long stick. Now here’s this gentleman asks legitimate ? On priming look what I go & turn into. sorry to everyone who’s time I’ve wasted. :cheers: to gentleman from Wisconsin DMTAYLO ? On German purity law no one caught the powder toast man reference though, perhaps unknown more likely couldn’t care! Water, so important , so many ? On everyone’s source…treat- leave as is …filter… Soften? Well/bottled/tap,my preference as town uses well after what I’ve done here I’m sure everyone wishing my burner doesn’t light , then explodes… I’ll look one more time I can take hint when it comes to me getting blowed up in burner mishap

I love Powdered Toast Man. tp://

I also love Pink Floyd.

I am also not a Master Brewer but I might be able to play one on TV.

I treat my city water with Campden to get rid of chlorine. From there I treat with salts or acid to get the mash pH down. If you have well water then you can most likely skip the dechlorination step and just focus on mash pH. Shoot for 5.3 in mash and sparge as this results in maximum efficiency and minimum off-flavors.

Just to clarify your thinking, the Rheinheitsgebot (sp?) was not a purity law. It was a tax law, designed to keep wheat from the hands of the lower classes.

Dude- flow of consciousness is all well and good, but please use some punctuation and sentence structure. Reading your posts make my head hurt. And I apologize if I’ve hurt your feelings.

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