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Who's brewing sours?

This place in my town got me interested in sours Every Beer OEC Brews is Absolutely Bonkers - Paste We got a private tour when doing some work for them the place is insane. They always have at least eight on tap along with 1/2 dozen guest beers. Sours cider and Mead exclusively

OEC brews… hhhmmm, are they the ones that Zwiller posted the address? If it was, they also have a shed/small barn for eis brews too? Sneezles61

Yes they do. It’s just a prefab storage unit that they pack with barrels over the winter. We built their greenhouse. B united imports beer in milk tankers from breweries all over the world and then fill wooden barrels for secondary fermentation and aging. The beer cellar is huge. OEC is the brewery and brews their own beers and also blends with some of the imported stock. Quit unique. Worth a stop if your out east. Bunch of breweries nearby.

That does sound very inviting. Sneezles61

Been neglecting this forum, but it sounds like y’all are on the right path anyways. But yeah, it’s a nice way to get a batch going to split off 3 or 5 gallons after you run off the wort, get it up to 170F or so, and then chill to 100 and add your goodbelly. The lab cultures are nice and all, but goodbelly is just way too convenient.

Regarding brett pale ales, go the 100% brett route and it won’t take much longer than a sacch fermentation. Lag phase is a bit longer, but you can be bottling or kegging in around a month if you start with a healthy pitch of yeast. Just watch the IBU, as brett can make a beer pretty tart and is usually a bit phenolic, neither of which go great with bitterness. I’m not a fan of the brett strains that make your beer smell like a goat’s arse, but Bootleg Biology has a couple strains that are pretty friggin’ incredible.

We’ve been waiting for Sour King PC to return, even for a brief posting! :relieved: Sneezles61

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