What's this NB garbage?

Yea I have noticed that another site that I get some supplies from has removed the amount of hops from their recipe sheets on the web site. I can see how they (and NB) would like to make sure that you purchase their kits. Someone has to take the time to develop and test the kits. I will buy a kit from the reseller that creates it do to the amount of work that goes in to creating it but if I am making my own recipe then I am going to buy from the place that gives me the best value which may or may not be a company that post the recipes online to see. But I don’t see them removing a part of the recipe from the website as a deal breaker where I will stop shopping from them. Cheers

My LHBS in Annapolis Md makes great kits but they make it very clear that their recipes are proprietary. They cannot understand how anyone would share if they were in the business of making money. I have certainly bought my share of NB kits and am a frequent “reviewer” of their recipes.

However, if you have BeerSmith, you can download most of NB’s recipes as an “add on”

Recipes are only a guideline, they don’t make beer. Yeast does, though.

I did ask them for information on what the blend is. This was their response:


The Grain Blend by itself will be available for purchase up on the site sometime this week.

It’s a blend of Fawcett’s Pale Chocolate, Simpson’s Dark and Extra Dark Crystal and Weyermann Carafa III.


So, I suppose thats pretty fair, it answers it for us bulk brewers who just want to get their hands on it without buying the actual kit. AND it tells you whats in it, if not exact quantities, so you can sort it out yourself. I think that is more than fair. Thank you NB.[/quote]

Well there you go OP. Now you can just buy those grains in bulk and play around with the quantities till you get something you like.