What is the perfect ferment temperature?

Fuller’s yeast (WY1968 ESB).

I sure would like to know why I can never use the graphic features in this forum. Probably explains why I do not post here very often.

I love this hobby. OK, so I think I am gonna try some other yeasts. How does everyone feel about the Windsor yeast. It came in a kit I got recently but I did not use it. So I have it in my fridge.


IMO, Notty NEVER ferments clean. The best you can do is minimize fruitiness, but I always get tartness from it.[/quote]

For this reason I stopped using it years ago.

Worse than Notty.

LOL! OK, so toss the Windsor. Keep the Notty for emergency use if I ever just need a yeast packet and the brew shop people are in vacation shut down. And move to better yeasts. Got it!

sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s better you know!

US-05 is a fairly neutral dry yeast. Can be a bit fruity, but not bad. Many people don’t even notice it. Not exceptionally flocculant, but not bad either. However, I find it has just enough downsides that I’ve gone back to using WY1056 for my neutral yeast. If you use that, I recommend making a starter for any beer over 1.040 OG.[/quote]

His next beer is a porter and no mention of Denny’s Favorite Wyeast 1450? Denny you must be slipping. :wink:

If he wanted to use liquid yeast and make a starter, that would certainly be a good one! I was trying to take it easy on him… :wink:

My recommendation would be to keep a few sachets of US-05 on hand for emergencies. Not ideal for every beer IMO, but will make any wort into a highly drinkable beer. Throw out anything made by Danstar. “Fool me once…”