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What all have you brewed so far this year?

So far this year:
1/8 - California Common
1/8 - Barleywine
2/4 - Double IPA
2/4 - Imperial Stout
2/11 - English Mild
2/25 - Wheatwine
3/17 - Dry Irish Stout
3/17 - Irish Red Ale
3/24 - Parti-gyle Dunkle
3/24 - Parti-gyle Roggenbier
4/1 - Saison
4/15 - West Coast IPA
4/15 - IPA
5/6 - English Brown Ale
5/6 - Bavarian Hefeweizen
6/2 - American Saison

All 5-7 gallon all grain batches. I will also be doing a 20 gallon batch of Märzen this Saturday and next weekend an Ordinary Bitter and a Smoked Bourbon Aged Porter.

IPA, 20 gallons
Barleywine/Pale Ale Partigyle, 10 gallons/20 gallons (maxed out the mash tun on that one !)
House Pale, 20 gallons

Planning 20 gallons of cream ale on Saturday

Also made 3 gallons of cider, but technically I guess that isn’t brewing.

looks like I am behind last years pace but ,

American Amber
English Barleywine
Centennial Blonde
Dark Wheat
Dry stout
Dark Rye
English Mild
and a Brown Porter.

With two brews coming up this weekend. A repeat of the Amber and a cream ale

Jan - Schwarzbier and Maibock
March - Imperial Stout
April - put part of Stout into bourbon barrel for aging
May - Dry stout fermenting with lager yeast ($1 to Shadetree :slight_smile: )

Next batch is going to be Waldo Lake Amber and then probably an IPA of some sort.

Irish Red Extract/Specialty Grains
Triple Jump Pilsner All Grain BIAB, Pilsner Lager
Oatmeal Stout Partial Mash
Surly Cynic Partial Mash
Hefeweizen All Grain
I Made Brown All Grain Brown Ale
Honk This All grain English Bitter Ale

Best was the NB Surly Cynic, Oatmeal Stout 2nd, though I think the Brown is going to be great!

All batches 22 gallons:

Kolsch 1-14-2012
Kolsch 1-28-2012
Rye IPA 2-4-2012
Big Booted Bastid PA 2-26-2012
Falconers Flight PA 3-4-2012
Black IPA 3-18-2012
Racer 5 IPA 4-21-2012
American Wheat 5-4-2012
Black IPA 5-19-2012
Kentucky Cream Ale 5-20-12

Looks like I am done for the year at 220 gallons :wink:

1/1/2012 IPA
1/29/2012 Brown Ale (my first AG batch)
2/18/2012 Brown Porter
3/11/2012 Amarillo Pale Ale
3/24/2012 Best Bitter
4/28/2012 American Wheat
5/17/2012 American Blonde
6/9/2012 Witbier

The grain for my next 7 batches will be arriving on Tuesday. I like to drink mainly session beers, but I am planning a higher gravity brew for late July.

i’ve been taking it slow this year. been busy with school and now moving out.

5 gal - IPA (kegged)
5 gal - IIPA (kegged)
1 gal - Apple wine (bottled)
1 gal - Apple cider (bottled)
5 gal - RIS (kegged)
5 gal - RIS partigyle stout (kegged)
10 gal - ESB (bottled)

planning on making an American SMASH barleywine with Columbus and maris otter before i leave the country end of this month. and letting it sit in the primary until i get back in September…

CDA (twice)
English Brown
West Coast Pale Ale
Irish Stout (twice)
Heretic Tafelbully clone
Extra Special Bitter
IPA (three times)
Vanilla Latte Stout
Bo Pils
Firestone Walker DBA Clone (twice)
English Mild
Heretic Evil Twin Clone
Saison (split batch with WLP Saison II and WLP American Farmhouse)

All grain, mostly 3 to 4 gallon batches


I’ll be closing out the year at 83 gallons in 17 sessions.
12 gallons of wine in 2 sessions;
71 gallons of beer in 15 sessions.
9 all grain, 6 extract
3 lagers, 2 gluten free ales, 10 varied ales

Today is the one year anniversary of the greatest delivery that ups has ever made at my door–my deluxe beer-making kit! I’ve done 11 extract brews and 1 partial mash, and I’ll finish out the year this weekend with NB’s St Paul porter. Thanks to you good folks here (and NB), every batch has been better than the previous. I’m looking forward to plenty of upgrades this year and hopefully a dive into all-grain.

Thanks to everyone and have a great 2014.


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