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Us05 fermentation time

Hey all. I am brewing an American pale and am using us05. The airlock went gangbusters for 36 hour, but has slowed down considerably now after 48 hours. The krauesen ring is pretty thin also and the foam on top of the wort has dissipated.

I haven’t used 05 before and wanted to see if this is unusual or expected. The airlock still bubbles but it might be every 30 seconds or so. I’m fermenting in a glass carboy for just the 2nd time and maybe I’m just overanalyzing since I have a visual of the activactivity.

I appreciate any insight or suggestions. Or brewers reassurance therapy.

Sounds pretty normal. As the guys in here are prone to say: RDWHAHB. :wink: Yeast act differently depending on temp, age, sugars in the wort, and a million other variables. L think it was @brew_cat or @uncdeo that reminded me that yeast don’t go by the clock or the calendar. Sounds like your little friends are doing their jobs nicely. Keep us posted!

What was the temp of the wort during fermentation?

It’s right about 68 and steady

sounds pretty normal to me

Sounds good. Besides kviek yeast. I use us5 as well it behaves nice. Me check second day of something is going. On. Iet it stand about 8 days before i take a sample.

You are doing fine. A couple of things you might want to consider if you don’t have them yet is a hydrometer and stick on thermometer for the fermenter. Here is a thread on hydrometers Hydrometers You need one, here is how to use one

The reason for the thermometer is that fermentation makes it’s own heat so the temp of your wort can be higher that the ambient temp. 68° isn’t bad 05 but it could have been in the 70s. Search swamp cooler here for an inexpensive way to get it cooler. Many times lower is better and mid 60s might produce better beer.

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For some insight I have temp controlled conicals. Tuesday I pitched US05 at approximately 1pm. The temps have been 67°-68° precisely. Wort of 1.051. Today it’s 1.011.

Point is, if you pitch a healthy active and appropriate amount of yeast in an average OG wort the yeast can take care of it pretty quickly.

Now, is it done? Not even close. There’s tons of by products that need cleaned up and it needs to flocculate.

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