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Still fermenting pumpkin ale

Did my self. Last month. 9/8/16 a spiced pumpkin ale. With a og of 1.068. As well did use fresh pumpkin. Did just transfer. A death ringer to second so did look at my pumkin ale. Its still fermenting activty in. The air lock. By now it should slow down. Now my question. When you do use fresh pumpkin. I does contain suggar the pumpkin. So fermenting should take longer ? .no big deal yet its not. Thanksgiving or helloween yet

Taste it yet? Sneezles61

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That is a longish ferment. Probably due to the pumpkin. I wouldn’t worry as long as there are no signs of an infection. Check the SG and check again in another week. Is the beer showing signs of clearing? The beer clearing means the yeast is dropping out and the air lock activity may just be CO2 off gassing.

Yeah did taste good. Took a grav reading and taste sample


OK, Thank you Flars for moving that picture! Sneezles61

Bottled my pumpkin ale yesterday, also with real pumpkin, FG 1.013, OG 1.058. US-05.

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Think i hope next week to transfer to the keg

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