Me either! To me, it tastes like a Bicardi Ice or something like that. The clientele (my friends) love it though so I’m happy with that.

Interesting experiment Yeller, thank for adding how it turned out. I too have some friends come through who love Leinie’s Summer Shandy as a summer beer, even my IPA loving dad likes it as a summer beer. Rather than pre-mix it in the keg I think I’ll just make up a pitcher of lemonade when those shandy-loving friends come over and I’ll mix it to taste with one of my lighter beers (eg - blonde ale).

That’ll work, I’m sure. If you can carbonate the lemonade, that might be helpful but if you don’t have the gear to do it, I’m sure no one will cry about it.

Good point, I’ll carbonate the lemonade using a 2 liter bottle and a carbonator cap. :cheers:

I’ll second that. I tried Leine’s Summer Shandy a week ago. Refreshing on a warm day.

I hope people won’t be annoyed at me for resurrecting an old thread, but here goes.

I live in the Twin Cities (glorious home of Northern Brewing!), and I found a bunch of old returnable 7UP bottles at an antique place. I rooted through them and bought four dozen that were in good shape, mostly because the idea of using them for home brew amuses me; despite the fact that I’ve mostly switched to kegging, bottling in these just tickles my retro sensibilities.

Even though my sweetie and I lean toward darker beers, she suggested the idea of inaugurating these bottles with a lemon-lime shandy and I’m fully on board with this. From reading this thread, it seems a lot of people are pretty firm on the idea of mixing after bottling or kegging but that would largely defeat the purpose of putting a shandy in these bottles. I want my friends and I to be able to crack one open and enjoy the lemon-lime goodness right out of the bottle. I’m also not really into the idea of just mixing a couple of gallons of lemonade since I’m planning to bottle condition these instead of kegging. Full disclosure: I’ve done a lot of extract kits but we haven’t moved to all grain so my experience with more experienced processes like doing a cold crash aren’t entirely off the table but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

I saw on another forum where someone soaked lemon zest in a small amount of vodka and added that all in, this could use lime zest in addition. There’s also the idea of adding straight lemon and lime juices to the batch at some point in the process, there’s a little natural sugar but likely not enough to have overcarbonation issues. Juice and zest could both be added with a little vodka, of course. Since we’re both not into overly sweet beers, a strong tartness might be just fine.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to anyone who reads my random add-on years later. :smiley:

My father in law used to mix beer sparkling water and a little cranberry juice. He swore by it after a hot day as a thirst quencher. I thought it was wierd but I guess it was a radler. He chugged in a manly way though. I think it may be something he learned in Europe during the war.

I have joined this forum to get this shandy talk correct.
I am English and in England if you ask for a shandy you WILL get half lager, the norm is fosters or carling, if you are lucky Stella. Mixed with half lemonade which over here is like 7up/sprite with less taste(sugar,preservatives etc)
It is not lager with a " taste of lemon " but something mixed at serving.
As it’s only half the the alcohol in a pint I will have one when driving or when we get the the one day of sunshine as it is refresheshing, but don’t tell any of my mates because as above has suggested,to be called a shandy drinker is a slur on ones manhood.