Setting up to do AG brewing

Unless you split into three.

Good point

I say 5, but checked and they are 6 gallon. Two of them are in use now… They seem to have 6 inches or so over the 5 gallons of wort. Two buckets and two carboies. Not sure which is best so I got both and a friend gave me one of each. I got a batch in a bucket and one in a carboy. Wanted to see which work best. I hope to rack one next weekend, maybe. Only will be 3 weeks in the fermenter. Is that to soon?

Sounds like your good for fermenters. As far as 3 weeks it depends check the gravity. I’ve had beer finish in 5 days and some a month.

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Checked it last 3 days. Setting at 1.010 each time… Just gonna get another week on it. Plus my first batch ever… Wanting to get it in my belly.

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I’m a little worried about priming sugar… I got 5oz… Is that to much? I hear stories of exploding bottles. I’m gonna use reclaimed bottles. I hear they are thin.

There plenty of priming sugar calcs online…I use the one at

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Thanks for the link. You guys have been great.
Maybe after a few batches I quit asking so many questions.

Sounds like you have the standard 6.5 gallon buckets and such. I use those because I lug them down the basement steps to where I ferment my brews, just split the batch and go. Plus I can experiment with different yeasts in the same brew that way. I just finished brewing a sort of Belgian Blonde, did a full batch (almost 11 gallons at the end of the boil, I do that to account for losses to trub and transfer losses with the yeast cake and such). Split it into two fermenters, going to pitch two different Belgian yeasts.

The hardest part of my setup is getting the coolers full of water up on the stage and bench on the ladder rack. I heat the mash water in the kettle and drain it into the mash tun on the tailgate, then heft it up on the stage and dump in my grain. Then I heat the sparge water, run it into the HWT on the tailgate and heft it up on the bench. From there, it’s all downhill.

I hear you on being anxious to try some homebrew, I’ve been hitting the remnants of the stuff I have done pretty hard lately and I’m starting to run pretty short on brew. I’ve been pounding out fresh batches, but it’s getting hard waiting for it. At least I should have a decent supply in short order though. I know from experience though that it’s better to wait it out than rush it, I haven’t had any bottle bombs even using reclaimed bottles, but I have had a few beers that either were not fully finished fermenting or that I used too much priming sugar and they got a bit on the foamy side pouring into a glass. I hate waiting for the foam to settle to drink it.

Most of the time, 5 oz of priming sugar is way too much. Use a priming sugar calculator (NB has one, Brewers Friend has one, etc). I usually weigh it out, put it in a pyrex with a cup or so of water, and warm it for a couple minutes in the microwave because I’m lazy. Add it to the bottling bucket and go.

One note on reclaimed bottles. They are great for the first few batches. However, I’ve had a few fail lately at the neck, when opening. I think there’s a limited lifespan. Keep in mind, some of these bottles that are failing could be on batch 25 or so. Just saying it’s worth watching them when you start using them a lot.

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Yeah, I’m starting to grasp that patients is king with home brewing.
Truly appreciate all your advice.

Yeah, bought up 48 New bottles and plan on getting 24 a week until I have enough to do 200 beers. But I have about 300 reclaims… Not gonna easy em after cleaning them.