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Secondary- transfer after fermentation complete or just before?

I wouldn’t bother converting just get some pin lock connectors and swap them when changing kegs

I agree. That’s why I went with swivel nuts and threaded connectors. Simple switch between ball lock, pin lock, and sanke kegs.


My IPA I brewed after Thanksgiving is going in the fridge fer a cold break, and this Saturday, into the keg, hops in a SS tea ball, shake the living be-jesus into it whilst under 30 PSI gas, on its side, gas inlet on the bottom. Stop shaking when the gas slows down, set up right, put in the fridge. Sunday, pull a pint! Easy! Sneezles61

So you all convinced me on the keg route - I went ahead and ordered 2 of the corny kegs that were on sale. My plan was to eventually upgrade to kegs, but the sale price made them even cheaper than getting a carboy.

I found this snippet from an article on secondary aging in kegs-
Brew Magazine - Ferment in a Cornelius Keg: Projects

Kegs as secondary fermenters
Cornelius kegs also make excellent secondary fermenters. Just transfer the beer to a keg after primary, close the lid, and pressurize it with about 15 to 20 PSI to make sure the lid seal seats properly. Every few days, vent the keg via the pressure release valve. There will be some residual fermentation going on that will create a small amount of CO2, as well as some leftover CO2 that was dissolved during primary fermentation. Not venting this excess gas won’t be a huge problem because the keg is rated for pressure far beyond what will occur in secondary fermentation, but too much pressure may cause some yeast strains to prematurely flocculate. This is a bigger issue in primary
fermentation, but could conceivably have a negative impact on bulk aging.

So the next logical question would be - if I secondary in the keg can I get the other equipment (CO2, regs, etc) and serve straight from that same keg, or would you transfer into the second clean keg for serving? Time to put the rest of the keg serving items on the xmas list!

I leave it in there. You dump the first pont or two that’s full of trub. Try not to stir it up before getting it out.

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Thats the cool stuff about kegs, secondary IS the serving keg! Simple is what helps you to brew some more. Sneezles61

That’s close to what breweries do. The go from fermenter to bright tank to finish fermenting and carbonate then from there to cans or keg. You can do this at home too.

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