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Revisiting the Strawberry Jam idea

Im wondering why you mash the cookies. Doesn’t it affect the lauter? I was thinking of using my wife’s ginger bread man cookies in a beer. I was thinking of steeping them. Dunking if you will. Maybe some coffee in a porter. Let me think about this

I mash them because they become gooey mess in the kettle. Also I found that top capping also helps if there is any oils in the cookies or baked goods. That it would stay mostly on top and i am not sparging all that into the kettle. Yes sometimes the sparge can get alittle sticky. I always use some rice hulls that helps alot and also I vorlauf or recirculate for about 45 minutes. I have a Rim brewing system. This also help not get a stuck mash

I biab so probably not a problem mashing. I am concerned about the butter in cookies. Iv made the ginger bread porter using spices. Its not that subtle fresh but ages nice.

So you aren’t extracting the sugar as much as the flavor from the berries…Or are you?
Wouldn’t a bunch of berries steeped at FO achieve the same results? smash them… stomp them… mush them… into a bag then onto the BK…?

I’ve used organic ginger bread cookies that were low in fat with great success in stouts and porters. I just dont know about using home made ones and the butter and being able calculate the fat content. @sneezles61 i am getting the flavor but also mashing them converts some of the starches into sugar. I got around 10 gravity points in a pound of Fig Newtons.

Holy O Moly!
If I recall, I get 10 points gain from a pound of sugar in a 5 gallon batch… just a comparison…
Still chomping the bit to get in a road trip to visit yer and also Loopie brewing endeavors!
21 year old cat has us grounded… and who knows how long fer!

1 fig newton cookie contains 12 grams of sugar… Average weight of 1 fig newton is 14 grams. (454 grams in a pound)
Thats about 32 fig newtons 32x12= 384 grams of sugar. Plus mashing the converts some of the starches in the cookie to sugar.

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