Repitching to lower gravity beer

This vienna fermented out to 1.012 after i pitched the dry to it. I kegged it about a month later and began lagering one keg while the other went in the lineup. I’ve pulled 3 pints from the first one which lagered about 3 weeks.

The first couple pints were murky but this 3rd is crystal clear, good tan head dissipates quickly. Aroma is kind of fruity, yeasty. Thin dry effervescent beer with a strange sweet fruity flavor. Not terrible excited about it. Not the vienna lager I usually brew.

I don’t really taste anything that would indicate it’s infected but the long wait for fermentation to begin could have exposed it to something. Pretty sure I used carboys with bungs and 3 piece airlocks.

Take it off and let it lager.I’ll bet it will be better when the weather turns warm and thirsty

Having another pint of the vienna lager now. It’s really cleared up nicely and rounded out as well as it’s going to I think. I looked back at my brew notes.

OG 1.053
FG 1.014
72.6% App Attenuation

So gravity was high for style, attenuation was poor and it ended high. That’s no surprise given the fermentation issues and definitely explains the beer in my glass. It’s not bad, definitely drinkable but it’s not my usual vienna lager. At first I thought it needed more bittering hops. That would help but it’s the poor attenuation that allow the malt to overwhelm the hops. It’s kinda flabby and sweet for the style for me. I like my vienna a little lighter in the mouth, easier drinking smoother lighter flavor. Great for drinking with barbecue, burgers, spicy food. Summer beer for dark beer guys.