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Propane Burner Questions

Good info. It comes to no surprise that everyone who has the Blichmann burner (not me) seems happy with it as the burner height appears to be very similar to your modded burner.

In my part of the country (Boston, MA area) we pay per fill, so if the tank isn’t empty at the start of the fill then I’m not getting my money’s worth. I haven’t found any place that charges differently, except for the exchange places that only give you 15lbs.

These burners use a lot of fuel fast. To prevent tank freeze up either use a bigger tank, 30 or 40lb’r, or hook two 20 lb tanks together with a special hose fitting available at most RV retailers. Here is a sample picture of what i’m reffering to: … 00x300.jpg

It allows the burner to draw propane from BOTH tanks increasing the evaporation rate preventing the freeze-up.

It is always best to have your tank REFILLED vs. exchanging it. Exchange tanks are only filled to about 60% of their capacity instead of the full 80% that the tank is capable of holding.

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