Problem with kit beer

where in the world are you located Olly? we might be able to internet up some options for you.

That link really makes me appreciate Northern Brewing! It would be useful for this conversation to see the instructions that come with those kits. If it was being sold by NB there would be the tab for More Information or whatever on the product page which would display a link to a digital copy of the instructions.

So how does that work? Just add sugar, water and ferment? Do you boil or no?[/quote]

I’ve seen those kits before, the guy on youtube makes them all the time. His channel is craigstube, I question a lot of his tactics but at the same time i can’t help myself but watch him from time to time. There is actually a recent video where he shows the making of one of these kits. Might be worth a view to see what the kits are about.

I would also have to change what I was thinking earlier about what may be your culprit and I would have to start by pointing at your kits. I’m not sure what types of kits you have available, but I would start getting VERY picky about the freshness of everything you are using and if these kits are suggesting you use any appreciable amount of sugar for your recipe I would totally chuck that recipe (though not the LME :slight_smile: ) into the trash.

I would use 2 cans of the LME if necessary as well as source a whole new yeast. If none of the liquid yeasts are a viable option I would try and get a small number of the good stand-by dry yeasts available (US-05, S-04, and Nottingham, are my favorites for dry) and start rinsing and reusing my yeast to cut my costs on sourcing in a couple of these. You should be able to do a simple search on the internet for calculators to figure how much canned LME you need as well as detailed instructions on how to properly rinse your yeast.

If you can find a source with wider selection of kits/yeasts I think that would be a great step in the right direction.