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Oyster stout

Im ordering some Chatham oysters and came across this vid on their site. Chatham is near and dear to me its where we have vacationed since 84. Im going to try and source this beer

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I love oysters and I love beer. I’ve never had them combined

Im curious of their process. We rode by on the tandem last month but didn’t stop. Next time. My niece is near there maybe she’ll bring me some to try

Beer nice. And oysters. Separate. Flush them down with a shot of jd.

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So what i did was make my oatmeal stout and add the 1/2 lb of oyster shells in at 15 minutes left in boil. I mashed high 158f and pitched US-04. Fermented about 66°. My calculations said FG 014 it reached .011 in 3 days. Very surprised. Do you think the calcium and minerals in the shells fed the yeast? Hopefully its stable. Its not supposed to be a dry stout

Any way i can combine this thread to my other oyster stout post?

Could be…but my experience with US-04 has been similar, works very quickly.

Merged for you @brew_cat :+1:


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Actually i read the refractometer wrong it is 7bx so .015FG

I’ll be very happy if it stabalizes here or a pt or 2 lower. This is a sweet stout

Here it is carbonated by being chained to the fermzilla. Is this considered bottle conditioned?


Don’t really taste the oysters. Or do I? Nice beer

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