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Ok, I got a little carried away…

Thank you all.

I pulled a gallon out and I am pressuring that in my growler, so I will let you know where that is in a few days.

I think that my plan is to let it sit i the carboy for a few months. Currently I can still see some CO2 coming out, (the air lock rises after an hour or two) and historically, these were very foamy beers when I brewed them… so sit for a month or two let the champagne yeast do it’s thing, then when we get to Late October maybe I bottle. maybe I let it sit… I really want this for December-January time frame.

The biggest issue I have is that I need my frememtor back, I only have 2 cases of beer left to drink (one Black IPA, one Wheat beer), to last me. bottling from the conical frementer is damn easy… I hat to go back to bottling from a carboy… oh well first world problems…

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ok… to follow up,…you convinced me …
The Gallon that I pulled was EXCELLENT, a very nice Imperial Stout, the chocolate tones are nice… a bet hevey on the Alcohol… you can taste some Barley wine there, not very complex but a very nice brew.

So I got come Corney kegs, and I am going to put the remaining 5 gals in a keg, pressurize it and have it sit until Halloween and see where we stand. thank you all.

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