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More "Stuck" mash

Well unfortunately, if it can sneak through the bag when I squeeze the bag in the MT, wouldn’t it also get through any sort of filter in the kettle? Unless the kettle filter was finer, but that’d be tough to do. This biab bag is really tiny

Brew In A bag makes them specifically for your vessel so there shouldn’t be anything tiny if you go with them.

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Yea that’s who makes the one I got, looks like it fits well inside my vessel. But it’s still a small (micron) size filter in terms of poracity. That’s what I meant by size, sorry for the confusion.

I’ve been using one of those for a few years and it work for me. But I hang it and drain it

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Those are great bags. That’s what I’ve used for years. Snagged my original and tore a hole in it. Stitched it back up and still using it but I have a second for backup. I’ve never noticed any particulates in my wort that concern my. I think the mesh side in those bags is sufficient.

I use a false bottom under mine when I want to add direct heat to the mash but I don’t do that very often. If you’re going to recirculate during the mash remember to throttle your line back to decrease flow rate or the pump will run dry before the wort recirculates back through the grain bed.


Used a biab bag with my false bottom still in place. Kept the crush size the same as last time. I was able to finally get this beer brewed, and hit one of my highest efficiencies yet. The problem is at least gone, now I really want to get to the bottom of it in the long run. Maybe I’ll get a new false bottom and see how that does


Good news!! You’ll find yer answer…

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Welcome to the simplicity of BIAB

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