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Megapot handle melted

I am currently mashing a biab batch and noticed that my megapot handle started to melt while hearing the water. Once it began to bubble up I scraped it off to avoid a small fire on my porch. Anybody else seen this problem? Does my position of the kettle on my burner look incorrect?

It has happened before. Too much heat coming up around the kettle. Turning down the heat may solve the problem. Installing a shield at that side of the kettle would be a more sure way of not overheating the valve components and handle.

Thanks flars,

That was the highest I have ever had this burner so I was assuming it was just too hot. That, and the only other time I used it, the temperature was in the 20’s last month.

See the recent post Ball valve melting for some solutions.

Yup, and as I had a boil over in progress, many years ago, got a very nasty burn! I know have an oven mitten. Works very well at protecting your hand. Sneezles61

Yeh luckily I was just mashing(first mash ever) and I used a painting tool to scrap off the melting plastic. I’ll have to fab up a shield a work

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The thermometer seal also got too hot and filled up with water when I put it into an ice bath. I have since purchased a serpent chiller and used a 1/2 npt stainless plug with the original thermometer o-rings and nut to eliminate it altogether. I don’t think the chiller would fit into the kettle with the thermometer probe sticking out so far

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