Made the jump, had an interesting brewday


I know it has been a long while but I like your ladder idea. I have gone mostly mash tun for the last year now and my friend is doing BIAB on the same day so we are still lifting the bags. I like the ladder idea and will try it next week.


Greg, here’s a pic of my setup. you could easily swap a pulley system for the clamp if the bag is too heavy. I don’t have any trouble with a grain bill of 10 lbs or less. Much more and a second hand becomes necessary. I actually rigged a pulley system like this to fry a turkey-if I can find the pic I’ll post it too.



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nothing more exiting than brewing a beer get all happy when brewing day arrive
even more than my own work and got to say got a cool job a scuba dive instructor
the best thing when a beer does come out fine after waiting for 6 weeks

You probably would be more happy about diving if that was your hobby and brewing was your job. :grinning:

thats true or full time busy with music

Thanks Ron,

My ladder is just like that and so are some of my clamps, (woodworker). Brew day is Friday and we will set it up just like that.