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Kveik Yeast question?

Hello I been hearing about the power house yeast called Kveik but what beer styles are appropriate for using the Kveik yeast strains. An also I see with this yeast you can ferment at 90f now does one need to keep it at the 90f or can one just chilled there wort down to let say low 80’s an then pitch the Kveik yeast an just let it go at what ever temp it end up being?

Any style that you need a clean profile for will work with any of the Kveik strains. I am fermenting with the Voss strain in the mid 70s right now but I pitched at 90 degrees to try and get some citrusy notes out of it.

@Hardbrewer123 please, make a little effort to find info on the forum before starting a new thread on a subject that’s been covered extensively. There are multiple threads discussing this yeast in detail going back a couple of years.

Not to mention you asked the same question on May 27th about the kveik strain HotHead and didn’t bother to comment back. Which makes the whole experience like having a conversation with and answering machine


It’s fine, ask away. Post back with your results

Knowlege is power. When in doubt ask questions.

I agree… reading also unfolds answers too… Sneezles61


Reading unfolds more questions for me

And more reading and research… When I have time… soon… I’ll go nuts…Trying to get to the end of the internet? (gizmo wize) Sneezles61

Me just started the water book by john palmer again. Leaves me even more with questions

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