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Kveik Yeast Discussion

Free Omega Yeast pack today with the purchase of any kit so it’s a good day to pick out your Kveik of choice.

Hot Head (Stranda)
Hornindal Kveik

Got a pack of hornindal and one of voss yesterday. Had hoped to brew with one on Wednesday but my laptop with BS2 and brunwater is down. Taking it in today to see what’s up. Hoping it’s something simple like the power switch or power supply but it’s 7 years old.

Haha laptop being down is no laughing matter but it shouldn’t stop you from brewing with Kviek. Heck a lack of a kettle to boil in is not supposed to stop you if you keep the spirit alive.

So from reading through the thread I’ve noticed that a lot of you are pitching at higher temps which is desirable for the citrusy ester production. I don’t have any way to hold the temp in that high of a range so if I cool to 90 and pitch the yeast will it still produce a lot of esters and is that an ok way to do it?

On another note what type of grainbills are you guys using for the Kveik IPAs?

Yep, pitch hot and it should be fine. Much of ester formation happens prior to active fermentation, so the first few hours are important. If you want, wrap it with a blanket to retain some heat until it gets going. But the last couple batches I did, active fermentation started (with oxygen and a fresh yeast pack) within an hour of pitching the yeast.

Kveik isn’t terribly attenuative, so any old ipa grain bill should be fine. Not more so than other sacch strains, so I don’t do anything special.

My typical IPA grain bill is roughly 70% 2 row, 22% vienna or munich malt and 8% c40.

I use brunwater to adjust my water profile and BS2 for recipe formulation and brew day organization. Could I brew without them? sure. Will I tomorrow? Likely not even under peer pressure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Figured out today I just need a new power adapter for the PC, so that’s good news. Ordered one from Amazon that should arrive tomorrow.

Still, I won’t brew tomorrow because I just discovered I don’t have enough dme to make a starter tonight.

Talk a walk on the wild side! Ditch the PC and do as you did a long time ago and talk a walk on the wild side… And the yeast will, a chew, chew a chew… Recognize that song? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sneezles61

Thanks for the feedback! I will look at getting a recipe going for this soon.

Which strain did you get?

Even at the higher ranges the esters are subtle. I think everyone in reading this thread needs to lower their expectations of what ester production is like. Speaking from experience with the Stranda strain it is clean no matter what temperature you do whatever at.
@dannyboy58 i would not build a starter at all to maximize the slim ester production and I definitely would not build a starter for the Voss and Hornindal which are not monocultures.
On the other hand, these strains a supposed to be liberating because you can do whatever you want and still get the same results… so do as you wish.

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Crazy experiment to try… The reports also indicate you can dry it out!! I will smear some yeast on some parchment paper, dry it in the micro wave… no heat… then store in a super sucker bag… I just gotta try this… And if it works… I would think you’d have a long supply chain… Sneezles61

Me just made a starter with. Kveik yeast. Got mine from yeast bay. Only what they need to put on the vial. Manufacture date

You are right in that Yeast Bay does say their Voss is a single strain as well. Lars blog suggested otherwise I thought.

I am going to either order the voss or hornindal. I had read that this strain is a good candidate for a hybrid ipa style so to speak because it will finish drier like a west coast ipa but is very complimentary to late hops that you often see in the New England IPAs. I’m newer to brewing so this may not be true but that was kind be what I was going for .

Was going to do like 45 percent 2 row, 45 percent Pilsner, 5 percent wheat, 5 percent flakes oats.
Shooting for 5 percent abv or so

Both hornindal and voss

Interesting. thanks for the tip.

I’ve used Voss quite a bit (from yeast bay), and it tends to finish right about the same gravity as US-05, 1272, etc. I did a typical IPA not too long ago, 77% pale, 15% Vienna, 4% c-20, 4% carapils mashed at 152F. OG 1.065, finished at 1.012. This yeast, in my experience, tends to stay in suspension forever and the beer will be hazy for weeks and weeks, so probably would go well with what you’re trying to do. I get quite a bit of citrus character from it, but I tend to abuse it by not following good yeast handling practices. But it seems to handle under-pitching, long storage, direct pitching from the fridge just fine.

Now where it really shines is in a cider - I’ve been using it the last couple years, and it seems to preserve more apple character than any other yeast I’ve tried, and I’ve tried lots. Apple juice is pretty deficient in yeast nutrients, and while other strains throw sulfur, this one seems to get nice and estery which complements the flavor of the fruit.

I have all three omega strains going in a split batch right now, so we’ll see how they end up in a few weeks.

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Since I don’t have a wooden necklace I’m thinking of dipping my shillelagh in it.

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If the NB/Omega descriptions are accurate the Voss definitely appears to be a pretty neutral clean yeast. They describe the hornindal as producing more fruity esters. I’m going to pitch that one first at around 90. I don’t really care all that much about the clarity of this bear. I can call it a NEIPA if it stays cloudy/juicy haha. Now to decide what hops to use.

I thought I’d do a 2 L starter just because it would be easier to split it (at high krauesen) to two 5 gal batches. Maybe play with different dry hops in each. Maybe I’ll just do 1L since it’s best to underpitch?

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