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Insignia 5 cubic foot chest freezer to be used for a keezer?

I am thinking about building a small Keezer from the Insignia 5 cubic foot chest freezer. The reason for this small a Keezer is purely space. I just don’t have it. I am looking for comments from anyone has used a 5 cubic foot chest freezer. I would like to see photos if possible. I would like to know also, the size riser you built into it with the wood dimensions. I would like to know your comments about how you like or dislike its size.

If thats all you have room for, then it will have to do. I put holes through the wood collar and have my taps hanging out there… I thought about using a tower… but, I bailed out after thinking about opening the lid and that attached to the top… I have a friend that just converted a dormitory fridge… He careful snipped the sheetmetal on top where the lines would pass through, then dug through the insulation to see if/what lines were there… I think he said the freezer compartment was were the refrigeration lines were… I’ll post a picture later of my keezer. Sneezles61

For me, the wood riser or collar size was driven by the height of a corny keg sitting on top of the compressor hump in the freezer. By making the collar high enough to put a keg there, I could get 4 kegs, rather than 3 into my 6.9 cu. ft. freezer. See my post here for details.

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hiThis is my keezer I built about 1 year ago. Inside measures 18”x18”x30”. Everything just fits, even a 3” pvc pipe in the center with a small computer fan in the bottom to force cool air up to the tower. The fan is wired to run only when the lid is shut. The extra gas line is to charge kegs off line.


Thats a nice compact setup. Sneezles61

Thanks for the quick reply. The descriptions help and the photo’d product looks great.

Heres what mine is… I’m in the remodel process in my tap room so disregard the clutter… The collar is 2X8. I added some stainless to cover it on the outside… I know its bigger than you can have, but the taps through the collar idea is my preference. No fan … yet. Sneezles61

What make and size is that keezer?

Crosley… I think its 7 CU FT. I fixed the thermostat so I don’t have have a controller… I can have 4 kegs in there. Sneezles61

I like how you turned your regulator sideways… (for headroom, i guess?) I hear that the tank gauge reads low when the CO2 tank is inside and cold. does the regulated gauge also read low?? If so, how do you really know where the pressure is at for carbonating and/or serving?? Thanks, and nice keezer!!

The regulator pressure is accurate. The reason the tank pressure is low has to do with the boiling point of Liquid co2.

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