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I always have an issue with taking my gravity reading. I use a floating hydrometer. I did my gravity tests as I was going to 1 ferm 1.060, as I was going to 2 ferm 1.010 (approx), as I was putting into the keg 1.020(approx). When ever I brew I am always around 1.010. I usually brew brown ales and Irish stouts. Not sure I am reading or doing things right. The bottom line is, the beer has always been good.

First must ask have you calibrated your hydrometer. Cheap ones are not always accurate. Also different temptures will read different readings. Some hydrometer are calibrated at 60 degrees and some at 68 degrees. The packing it came in should tell you which degrees your hydrometer needs to be calibrated at. Here is a post I posted awhile back that will help you calibrate your hydrometer Calibrating your thermometers and hydrometer

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For clarification, are you saying that gravity in primary fermenter is 1.060, secondary fermentor was 1.010, and into keg it was at 1.020? I’m a bit confused as to why you would be getting a higher gravity going into keg after secondary.


Make sure the hydrometer is floating and not resting in the bottom of the cylinder. In addition, make sure the beer has no dissolved CO2. Finally spin the hydrometer to get any CO2 and air off the hydrometer.

Also don’t use the plastic tube the hydrometer came in. It can stick to the side and give you a false reading. Buy a hydrometer flask. They are cheap enough and have a base so it will stand up by itself.

Your reading should also be at 60°F for most hydrometers but will have a conversion chart for other temps. The difference is not much though. For FG I just figure if it’s around 1.010 then close enough. Some beers, like your Stouts, with a lot of un-fermentable grains may finish higher.

I don’t know. Those were the readings. I guess I don’t understand the device.

I guess I am going to do a reading at 60 and get a glass flask. When I used the hydrometer, I always made sure it was not touching anything.

Here is video from our host that will help you also check out the learner page here at northern brewer it’s got alot of got info northern brewer how to use a hydrometer - Yahoo Video Search Results click the link above

Why dont you take a sample out of the keg. Whit the beer gravity testing kit. Our host does sell these. Fill the tube. With your brew. Put the hydrometer in. Swirl. And it will be easy to read. And you can sample your brew after wards.

That helped a great deal, thank you!!

Your welcome irishjoe. If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask. This forum is great place and everyone here is always glad to help out

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