Getting Started: Go Pro Small Batch Starter Kit

Thanks for your replies. You all are helping a lot.

Quick wuestion on the Caribou Slobber. What food does it pair with?

I like it with dry rub smoked baby back ribs with a good barque, herring and onion on pumpernickel, and solo on a quiet relaxing day.

Also beef short ribs and more, but never mild flavored seafood.

It is working very well for me. I periodically check it against my hydrometer and the FG readings match within a point. I have an app for my phone/tablet that does the BRIX to SG conversion when I’m taking the FG measurements. If you decide that you want to brew for the long term and want to move beyond kits, I recommend getting one.

I’ll offer up the idea of doing a two gallon “partial boil”, which I have done in the past. Similar to the partial boil done with 5 gallon batches (boil 3 gallons of wort and add two gallons in the fermenter), but I boil a gallon of wort and add a gallon of water to get to two gallons. I use two five quart bubblers (for fermenters) when I do this.

@sneezles61’s idea of splitting a five gallon kit in two is something I had not considered. With a five gallon batch, it’s a three gallon partial boil and top off to five gallons in the fermenter. Split in half, that’s a 1.5 gallon partial boil and top off to 2.5 gallons. A 3 gallon carboy or food grade plastic pail is all one would need for additional equipment. Or in the case where one has two 1 gallon fermenters, split the five gallon batch into thirds …

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Beer and ribs. It doesn’t get any better than that.

for me haha beer pairs with everything for me it goes perfect with music but question why not right away into five gal brewing. on the end you do start to regret you did not do this right away