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Fruit Beer. Wheat or Ale?

Last summer I had an outstanding Apricot Wheat beer at the Jamesport Brewery in Ludington, Michigan. Now I also know that Apricot Ales are popular. So in the process have any of you had a better experience with one or the other. I am going to make one or the other and always get solid responses here.

One recipe I found has Apricot Puree AND Extract. I have also read here that the extracts taste medicinal

I agree with the other responses. Extracts are terrible. The only exception would be strawberry because you can’t add enough strawberries to a brew to get any flavor whatsoever. To maximize the fruit flavor, add the fruit or puree after primary fermentation has completed so less of the flavor is blown off. It will kick up a secondary fermentation, but it’s not as aggressive. 3333 is a neutral wheat yeast. I’ve also just used US-5, and it came out well. Keep fermentation temperatures in the low 60’s too, but I guess that would depend on the yeast used.

Our host sells apricot puree. Me do use the puree for a kriek labic. Find out 2 cans of puree give a nice taste. Thats. For a 5.5 gallon batch. I do add to secondary. And leave it stand for 4 to 12 months

Thanks, great information that I will put to use. I never thought about 2 cans of puree, the simplest of solutions. The neutral wheat yeast as well. As always, everytime I inquire hear I get outstanding responses.

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