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First time brewer, Irish Red Ale, 48 hour primary?

:slight_smile: haha, hopefully good memories…i hope im not overextending my welcome by posting all this crap…lol. YES, i know, the sample tasted like some flat beer id get at a football game hahaha. i really hope once its done it tastes better. but my standards are high, im kind of picky when it comes to beer, i wont drink damn near any domestic mass produced crap…i used to back in my younger years when quantity to precedence over quality. even if my first few batches dont turn out as i hope, i guess it will just add fuel to the fire. as far as time frames go, yeah im kinda following the recipe…i probably should have left it in the primary another week…the main reason i racked it over to secondary was to free up the primary so i could start another brew…my lack of patience may bite me in the ass on this one. only time will tell. hey, when you say make sure my rye is done, and this may be a dumb question, but do you mean just make sure the gravity is stable…what other things are there to look for? clarity? also i messed up my calculations, if i bottle on christmas eve, that will be 3 weeks from yesterday, not 2. 2 would be the 18th…we’ll see how things go over the next 2 weeks and figure out something from there. also i forgot to take an OG reading on my rye last night, whoops, realized right after i pitched the yeast…dont think its a huge deal, will just have to guess-timate the ABV. i dont really care anyway what the ABV is…they rye was pitched at 65 degrees this time instead of 78 with my red. fermentation seems to have started, just got home from work…seems slower than last time, which should be good if im learning anything. still seems steady and active and healthy though.

Nah, this is fun.

Sounds like you are on the right track with the Rye. Just let the beer decide when it is ready and done. You will soon be able to tell and the readings will just be a confirmation.

I bet your red ale turns out great and they just get better from there. Most important, have fun!

cool. :slight_smile: . thats all. thanks 560

so to feed my impatience, and in an effort to salvage most of my beer from myself, i stole 12 ounces of beer with my beer thief last week, sanitized a bottle and a cap, and added about 1.5 grams of sugar to the bottle along with the stolen, possibly premature beer. well after 8 or 9 days i decided to throw her in the fridge earlier, and just cracked the top…had the co2 “fog” in the headspace as one would expect from any brew. poured it into a chilled glass. had a decent head, a good smell and surprisingly more clear than what is in my secondary at the moment. was definitely drinkable. slightly bitter, but nothing more than an IPA, which im not a huge fan of…well after 1 week primary and (when i stole this sample) 1 or 2 days in secondary, 1 week in bottle it wasnt bad. hahaa hopefully leaving it in secondary for another week or two and bottle conditioning for at least 2 weeks, or even up to 3 or 4 months some suggest, the bitterness will mellow out a bit. all in all that fed my anxious attempt to bottle and drink my first beer.

Congrats. That temptation is a hard thing to resist. I still find myself doing a “quality control check” on most of my tapped kegs each night :cheers:

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