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Am i ready to bottle?


.JPG i am brewing the pilian legacy double ipa extract kit and ive had it in primary 2 weeks and secondary 2 weeks with dry hops 14 days ago and 5 days ago and today is the 2nd week in primary bottling day but i still got bubbles in airlock every 2 to 5 min and it dont look ready to me but its my first brew. please need a pro opinion

You could be ready to bottle. The bubbling through the air lock may be post fermentation CO2 coming out of solution. Have you taken specific gravity readings with a hydrometer to confirm fermentation was complete before racking to the secondary for dry hopping?

no i was gonna purchase a hydrometer next beer kit so i didnt have to pay shipping cause theres no brew store by me . this is my first brew and i didnt realize how important a hydrometer is . did you see the pic?

I would bet you probably are…if you decide to you will want to keep all that dry hop material from getting in your bottling bucket.

I’d bottle it.

the temp of the Carboy will also affect fermentation. For the most part cooler is better but If it’s too cool it will extend the time. If it’s been in the mid 60s or warmer I’d bottle it too. Enjoy that’s a good one.

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Personally, if I had that much foam still on the surface and no hydrometer, I wouldn’t bottle. I had 2 bottle bombs on one of my 1st batches almost 5 years ago. It’s not fun. And potentially deadly.

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ok ya iam prob gonna give it another week then

I don’t know what your fermentation temp was but if it was in the 60’s you could warm it up to the 70’s and see if it ferments out more. Also give it a taste. If it’s not done it may taste sweet.

You will soon see how handy a hydrometer is. They are glass so think about getting a spare. Try Ebay or Amazon for one. Make sure to get the test jar also. The plastic sleeve they send them in is not wide enough to keep the hydrometer from possibly sticking to the side.

Here is a pretty good thread about them Hydrometers You need one, here is how to use one - #7 by dandrett

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