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ABV Goals / Viking Blod Clone

There’s always a slight risk, but at some point the ABV of your mead will turn it into a pretty effective sanitizer. The yeast can barely handle this environment, and they’ve been selected to be able to survive. Other microbes will not fare so well in there. I wouldn’t worry about it, but as added insurance keep as much oxygen out of the headspace as possible.

Yeah I agree with the oxygen…

The ridiculous part of all of this is I’ve made 5 gallons of beer for $100. I’m only making 1 gallon and its going to cost OVER $100 so I’m doing my best to make sure it doesn’t have any problems.

Let me know what you think of this… Because yeast will still be suspended in the mead, I don’t want to have the chance of reactivating them in the bottle and blowing the tops. So here is my schedule idea:

1: primary for 30 days
2: secondary for 30 days
3: 2nd secondary for 30 days
4 Transferring everything to a keg and using CO2 to purge the oxygen.

The only reason for the multiple transfers is to try and get all the yeast to drop out and to the bottom with each transfer.

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