Sip of Sunshine in Hartford Area?

I am heading to CT for work next week, do I have any prayer of finding a case of Lawsons? Where if so?

We are brewing our VIPA this weekend, so I won’t need much to get me through the 3-4 weeks till we tap it!

I wish I could help you but I wonder if you called two roads they could help you

CBC in west Hartford

Sounds like it dropped in that area this week so it will likely be gonzo by the time I get there. Good thing we’re brewing a half barrel of it with mosaics on Sunday!

While in ct grab some seahag and road to ruin, let me know what you think. I know you like citra so fuzzy babey ducks if you can try it , I don’t think you will though . its harder to get than SOS

when it comes around, it gets fairly wide distribution, but sells out pretty quickly. Being an out of towner, you also have the problem of places keeping it “in the back” for regulars.

Definatly ask. They may keep it in back only for people who ask don’t want to waste it on someone just buying another pretty can. I see it on tap a lot so bring some empty growlers. It’s legal in CT now for bars to fill growlers although not all do.

I would guess they wouldn’t fill a growler with a beer like this though.

They do at p&p but they arnt in Hartford

You can check these places. I’d be surprised if you don’t score some

Down in Fairfield and New Haven counties, it’s showing up on tap now. So I think you have a good shot!

With respect to growlers, many bars do them, but there are a few problems:

  1. Bars charge the per-pint price (which for a beer like SoS is often $8 or more) so you end up paying big bucks
  2. Bars are not particularly good at filling growlers. No CO2 purge, lots of foam, etc.

I buy growlers from breweries only-- never bars, in CT. Retailers do not do growlers here.

meh, its a quick trip, so I probably won’t spend too much time/energy on hunting this. Question for another thread, but with the beer we are producing out of our system, I am totally over waiting in line or searching 10 retailers for a ‘back room’ beer.

I will say though, I am a little bummed my trip won’t line up with Treehouse’s hours. Their beers are pretty solid, though checking a twitter feed to see whether waiting in a 75-100 person deep line is worth it doesn’t really appeal to me.

I agree on both parts. Not just with those breweries either.

I feel like my beer is as good/better than those being produced commercially. Yeah, maybe I’ve got a big head… Deal with it! :wink:

I too am tired of standing in line or asking for the back door beers. I think that is what is driving a lot of this craze. Sure are they good beers? Yep, but can I make beer that’s just as good and I don’t have to wait in line for 75 mins to get some. AND I GET TO SAY I MADE THIS.

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