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Need help attaching the spigot for Siphonless Fermenter

I have made homemade no-weld spigots for repurposed Sanke kegs using copper threaded adapters and teflon tape. Actually worked with a little trial and error. The stuff is really handy for that kind of project.

For stuff like gas fittings I still use old fashion pipe dope.

I have not gotten mine to seal either… I may try your teflon tape idea…


I must admit, this is a bit disappointing… I have tried like 5 times and no luck getting it to seal. I have tried twice more this morning with no luck. I must be doing something wrong but have not figured it out… I was all excited to start my first brew batch today but looks like I will be delayed… Keep your fingers crossed folks!

Pat in Savannah

Show us some pictures of whats going on…

If the gaskets (washers, seals, whatever) are beveled silicone the bevel probably goes against the glass. I would wet them and assemble everything. Don’t strong arm it. Just go hand tight then let it sit for awhile until it is dry. Last step is to cross your fingers and if it seals be gentle with it.

I have a plastic bucket that I added a spigot to and after a couple of batches that clogged the spigot/tubing went back to a racking cane. Sounded like a good idea.

I tried warming the gaskets in warm water to soften and got it to seal… 1st brew now in the fermenter


I do use oring lots due to availble at work. But one thing the hole is the same size as a iglo cooler. Go to walmart. And buy a valve repair kit

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