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Dortmund Export

I wont even mention the malt

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If you feel like it you can explore the international winners in this category here…

You can put Dortmunder in the search window to limit the search. In 2006 Dortmunder/Export was lumped in with Octoberfests and but you can still pick out the Dortmunder-er ones. It’s pretty fun looking at all these smaller European Breweries.

Odd catagories

@squeegeethree has a bit of this above but here is the BJCP guidelines for review as this has turned into a pretty good discussion on this style:

odd, the winner was an ofest they had two other catigories that would fit better the marzen and maybe vienna lager. The other is labled as a helles so that could be a dortmund.

I havnt tasted the great lakes beer to be honest but cant see it fitting the description supplied by the BJCP. Im no expert just reading the guidlines

Probably there because of the name only.
From the BJCP guidelines, “neither pils malt or noble hops dominate, but both are in good balance…”

It’s pretty good. all the awards aside and fits the style well. Hops are bitter not aromatic, light malt, clean 2 row. I’ve never been to Dortmund but I’ve been to Oktoberfest and lived in Vienna so I realize all of these region variations are very very subtle by todays standards that scream at you. Beer is mostly water after all so that’s one of the subtlest things as you travel.

Well they are subtle differences. I didnt mention the water you did so its now open for discussion. Like I mentioned I brewed My pilsner recipe with 50/50 distilled and again water built up with gypsum to get it to the Dortmund water profile. I thought the pilsner a good choice because in the pilsner those subtltetis will be more apparent and they were. Pf course I was looking for them, So my Norhtern German Pils could probably called a Dortmund style pils. My dortmund Export will follow a Dortmund recipe. Ill reclasify the Lakefront as a Dortmund style American Lager. Of course I dont really know much about it just oppenig a discussion to try and learn something

Yeah, same here, pilsner and helles are the only homebrews I’ve ventured to Publix for distilled water for.

Any good, light colored brew needs some water tweaking… You just cant hide too much in there…

thats a blanket statement. It depends on your source water. i add so little to my source water for many light styles i doubt it really even matters.

My water has fairly high sodium and chloride(and other things) and looks nothing like the Pilsen, Czechoslovia water profile, which is a lot of zero’s…or almost zero. Dortmund water is loaded with minerals.
Interesting table here:,of%20most%20minerals%20and%20very%20low%20in%20bicarbonates.

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well What the Dortmund shows us and ive proven to myself is you can brew a pilsner with mineraly water. When people say nowhere to hide they are talking about taste imperfections caused by faulty process not water persay unless you are brewing with some really gross water

@dannyboy58 called my water stinky Florida swamp water, FWIW. :joy:

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[quote=“brew_cat, post:34, topic:30383, full:true”]
… caused by faulty process not water persay unless you are brewing with FL water
[/quote]. @voodoo_donut

Fixed that last part for ya @brew_cat . :joy:



Maybe I cant eliminate that Briess grains-ness… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think that you need to seek out the OG Pilsen Malt, Hana Malt, from an heirloom malter.

My shop carries full sacks off Weyerman, Dingman, and Raher. I use the Weyerman malts for the German styles

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