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Zymurgy Magazine 1989, "Yeast and Beer"

Zymurgy Magazine 1989, volume12, number 4, special “Yeast and Beer” issue

Does anyone here have a copy of the article by this title that would be willing to part with it? It is referenced in two Charlie Papazian books I have & would like to give it a read.



Hi Jim, welcome to the board.

I just found a book I had never heard of at my Libraries “outer realm” that is not available right in their system as the book was at a rural location in the sticks so it was “ordered” to my location of choice. I just picked it up a few days ago and read through it already and just looked over to see if the article your after was one of the couple within it. Bingo I think it contains the one your looking for. See (C) below

The softcover book is called “Zymurgy for the Homebrewer and beer lover”
Published in 1998
It is a collection of articles and misc… topics from Zymurgy magazine prior to '98
It has 3 articles within the Chapter #7 “Yeast” listed as such:
A. Active Dry Yeast for the Homebrewer by Rodney Morris
Originally appeared in Zymurgy, Spring 1991 (Vol 14. No 1.)
B. Become Saccharomyces savvy by Patrick Weix
Originally appeared in Zymurgy, Summer 1994 (Vol 17. No 2)
C.Yeast stock maintenance and starter culture production by Paul Farnsworth
Originally appeared in Zymurgy, Special 1989 (Vol 12. No 4.)

I would scan the article for you but it is 28 pages long. So it is best you look to your library or new/ used book vendor. The whole book is a pretty interesting read as I have read De Clerk and D.E. Briggs, Fix etc…cover to cover many times. And many of the Zymurgy articles published back in the 1990’s stayed closer to actual proven brewing science instead of conjecture and opinion they seem to publish lately.

I will bring you some peace of mind though also, The article you are looking for is really well put together and makes for an interesting read. But with the explosion of information available on the net now your not missing anything if you dont read this article as everything spoken to within the article is out en masse across the web.

Most of the article is charts listing some of the attributes of strains available at that time including dry yeast, Wyeast, Brewtek yeast, And at that time yeastlab, yeast culture kit strains. Then it goes into how to culture yeast from slant to plate etc… Like I said all info readily available today that was not back in 1989-90 when it was published.

I dont know if you have come across this older magazine, but it was one of the best that I read back in the nineties and contained great factual advice from the likes of Dave Miller, George Fix, Glen Tinseth, Randy Mosher, John Palmer etc… ... ssues.html

Click on each individual issue and many have articles free to read right now.
Other than that you can still order back issues of many of the issues, ( I believe ) I haven’t tried to order any I am missing as of yet although it is a plan of action when I find nothing else to spend money on.

You may not know the authors I mentioned above(De Clerk and D.E. Briggs). But they are some of the originators that John Palmer/ Charlie Papazian based their books facts on.
Look to your library for the following if interested. These books go uber techie so if you only want/ need the basic to begineer advanced info John/ Charlie etc… Will serve you well.
A. Malting and Brewing Science Volume I & II
Authors: J. S. Hough, D. E. Briggs, R. Stevens and T. W. Young
B. A Textbook of Brewing Volume I & II
Jean De Clerk translated by Kathleen Barton-Wright
If you want these two volumes for your personal library and have cash to spend NB has them: ... clerk.html ... clerk.html

Just looking at the entire collection of books NB offers these two volumes are without a doubt the two I would buy to have as reference as every other book is basically designed on everything covered in these two books/ volumes just “updated” to appeal. But luckily I have a library system that has every book I could ever want or need including the above.
HINT-HINT for anybody in MN!!
If its not in your local MN library system look to the MNlink site to order whatever book is outside your local network can be brought to you in a blink of an eye or keystroke!

Thanks ITsPossible,

I am happy to be here.

That’s a lot of really good information you gave me.

Our (Alb, NM) library system has zilch on yeast. I had already checked a couple weeks ago. I did not however try having them import it for me. I’d forgot that option. That’s a great idea (if I can’t find one which someone doesn’t want anymore).

I don’t think that the one you found includes all of it. The Special Issue I’m looking for is 80 pages. The article you found includes (Yeast stock maintenance and starter culture production by Paul Farnsworth Originally appeared in Zymurgy, Special 1989 (Vol 12. No 4.)) is definitely part of it but being only 28 pages it’s not in it’s entirety.

Here is the link of the one I seek from it’s original source (where it is for sale):

Thanks again,

Jim. :slight_smile:

Here is a link to a photo & such of the issue I am looking for.
Jim. :slight_smile: ... spx?id=759

What kind if info are you looking for from it? It’s very dated at this point, and understanding and usage of yeast in beer has changed a lot since then. In addition, there are at least dozens of yeast strains available now that weren’t then, as well as strains that were around back then that are no longer. Other than as a historical curiosity, it’s hard to understand how much value it would have,


If you want a brewers guide to yeast…read this book. 8) ... 0937381969

Thanks Denny, thanks bluesman for your opinions.

I’ve already thumbed through the Yeast book. To much $, too much advertising of his own products, and too much on side topics I’m not interested in.

As far as the one I’m looking for, from the many articles & reviews I’ve read it’s actually very much not dated. It’s still some of the best literature on the subject out there even today.

Actually though, I’m not trying to talk anyone into the magazine or even defend my desire for it. I’m just asking if anyone has it & doesn’t mind parting with it.

Thanks again,

Jim. :slight_smile:

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