Zombie Dirt

I love the almost “Rule 34” naming for these clone recipes…

Anyone planning on getting this one?

I’d jump on it in a heartbeat if they would add it to the 3-gal BIAB line-up which still has the same 8 standard, but boring, kits it’s always had.

You could just scale down the 5 gallon all-grain kits and buy the ingredients separately.

I’ll likely brew the recipe or something close to give it a try.

The kit is intriguing, but kinda pricey. But, I recently bought a pound of Citra hops on sale, which would save me some dough if I just bought the grain bill listed for the kit. On the other hand, I currently have a Fresh Squeezed clone (Citra/Mosaic) and a Citra/Amarillo pale ale in bottles. Not sure how much more Citra-based beer I need right now…