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Zombie Dirt using Windsor Danstar yeast?

I brewed a 1 gallon Zombie Dirt batch and loved it so I ordered a full batch to brew but didnt order a yeast with it. I was thinking it came with a default as opposed to paying extra for one of the recommended ones. I have a Windsor Danstar dry yeast packet, would that work with Zombie Dirt? or should I just order the Fermentis Safale S-04 which is what the directions show as default? Would it taste a lot different??

Danstar Windsor Ale yeast is a low attenuating yeast. Final gravity with this yeast may be as high as 1.019 with an original gravity of 1.060. The resulting pale ale may be on the thick and sweet side.

Ordering a single pack of yeast would cost a bit with the shipping charge. (Wish I had a pack of S-04 to just drop in the mail for you.)

I might consider adding a half pound of sugar at the end of the boil to reduce the FG and dry the beer to help the hops come through. This would be a total experiment though. Let’s see what opinion others have.

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I get 62% attenuation with Windsor on a good day. HOWEVER, it tastes fully attenuated and NOT as thick or sweet as you would think. It is an ideal yeast I think for making a “lite” version of any English or American ale. If that’s not what you wanted, then… you’re better off going with S-04 or pretty much any other yeast.

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