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Zombie Dirt 1 gallon kit fermenting

So I brewed a 1 gallon batch of Zombie Dirt Friday evening and set it up to ferment in my closet and temp is at 68. Saturday there was krausen with bubbling and it was active and by yesterday it seemed everything has stopped and settled. This morning the krausen has fallen and no more air bubbles. I used half of the pack of dry yeast per the instructions in the kit. Is this just not a very active batch? I’m thinking I’ll be using a liquid started for everything including 1 gallon batches from now on.

Did you use a stick on thermometer strip to monitor the temp of the beer? Or is that the temp of the beer? It could have gone much higher and fermented out very quick.

Also even a half package of yeast in a 1gal batch is an overpitch, which isn’t too big of a deal. With an overpitch and increased temps the yeast will ferment out quickly. But, they’re still working so just let it sit.

Once done. Its a nice beer

Yes it’s a stick on thermometer and reading 68 currently. So should I just let it sit for the full 2 weeks?

I add most the time one more week longer. Than what the recipi says. Bit more condition.

I’m a fan of following the recipe the 1st time or two that I brew it.

With pales and IPAs, I lean towards bottling closer to two weeks - bottle those hops as soon as the beer is ready. And it looks like Zombie Dirt has a lot of flavor/aroma hops!

A while back in the forum threads, there was an idea that brown ales (specifically Caribou Slobber) benefited from three weeks fermentation (between brew day and bottling). I tried that and it works for me. I’m happy with my pales and IPAs being closer to two weeks fermentation - so I haven’t tried a longer fermentation with these styles.

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