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Any one who has a clone recipy for a yungling beer.thinking about brewing one had a few last week still like the beer .but first gonna brew friday or sat a brew a zoomin pale ale .got the yeast starter going . Saturday depends on tomorow soccer game if colombia loses tomorow the do play sat for thirthplace proberly against the usa

Nothing against yuingling but I’ll bet you can brew up a nice pre pro lager that would satisfy you

Hey HEY HEY!!! Don’t go jinxing us already! It’s only Argentina…

I think Colombia will beat Peru. Ecuador should have. Man that was a great second half though. My wife is Ecuadorian and I think she pierced my eardrum with all the screaming!

will try

hahha yes i know my wife colombian same thing here

Shame usa lost from argentina but this was a known fact .must say usa plays beter soccer than holland at least they do play thirth place saturday .holland did not even make it to the now it all depends friday or sat brewing day .if colombia wins tonight but have a feeling friday brewing session .got my yeast starter ready .just coldcrash the yeast . Gonna brew a zoomin pale ale

You know it’s funny listening to commentators on soccer matches. Those guys are supposed to know the game yet their comments are so ignorant. They kept talking about how the US was playing so much worse than they have been and not completing passes. Well no duh?!! Maybe cuz they’re playing the best damn team in the world? I’m just glad it wasn’t as bad as the Mexico score. I think Argentina eased up on us to be honest, out of respect for the host. I hate the way they wasted time at every opportunity but other than that they’re a class act.

I’m so ready for Klinsman to play a younger side. I’d love to see Wood and Pulisic up front with Nagbe as the 10 against Colombia.

Anyway back to beer! Tell us about your zoomin pale ale recipe?

same thing with the dutch sports channel talking this talking that bad soccer duuh holland did not even make it to the eurocup
playing against the best team in the world ok usa lost but only 4-0

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