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Yungling clone

Any one everdid a yungling clone beer. If so. Csn you share the recipy. Love this beer. When iam in the usa. Especially. Pa. Area. Love to drink this

My go to swill beer here in Florida. Cheap and better tasting that budmilcoors stuff. There are a few clone recipes out there but I never felt the need to try one. Hard to compete with $18-20 a case.

I suspect they don’t ship to the island? They don’t even ship way over here in Mn! Sneezles61

No not really the shipping price and custom cost. So much. Beter drink a bottle don perion. Me did ship 12 cans of metallica beer. Here. This was just to have for my collection. My wife said i am not good in my head. When she did pick. Up. Nice beer bye the way


Your wife is right of course if she meant it about you drinking yuengling.

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Yes she is right. A happy wife a happy life. But meanwhile i think something else. At least she lets me order my beer product with out complaing. Did place hop order. So have it 10 of june my brew partner. Brings it with him

Hey Wilco, next time you’re in Pennsylvania, I’m just south of Pittsburgh in the heart of Yuengling country, we can do a tandem brewday! :innocent:


End of june will be in glennmills. And philtydeplhia

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