Your thoughts about my low gravity

my OG was supposed to be 1.074, took a reading when wort was at 70 degrees. read 1.064. how does this happen. my last 2 batches have been right on. does this just mean my brew is gonna be about 1% less abv?

If you are using extract, and you didn’t get water volumes or extract quantities wrong, then your gravity is exactly what it was supposed to be. Your hydro reading was off because of inadequate mixing of the top up water. This will have no impact on the finished beer. On those rare occasions when I brew extract, I don’t even bother measuring gravity.

In case you’re not aware, measuring the gravity at 70F instead of 60F means you will read a point or two lower than actual. Not enough to account for the 10 point difference you’re seeing though.

I guess I’ll answer the other part of your question: In the event that your gravity really is off by 10 points, because you didn’t add enough extract or added too much water, you will end up with a different beer than you intended. Not only lower alcohol, but also lower body, and higher hop to gravity ratio (which means more apparent bitterness). This doesn’t mean it will be a bad beer, just different than what you were shooting for.

Like I said above though, your gravity is probably exactly what it should be. Either way, the real answer is RDWHAHB.

thanks guys. i did add the correct amount of water to a T. i guess the problem is i didnt mix the water/wort before i took the reading. thanks