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You Might Be a Homebrewer If

This has been done before, but it’s been a while. Let it roll.

If you own a Foodsaver that is covered with sticky yellow stains…

you wonder if you can mash any/every thing in a health food store.

You immediately begin to repurpose any household good that remotely breaks - for example, I actually caught myself saying “I think that broken rotisserie basket would work as a mash rake, if I clamped a couple spatulas to that sucker!”

80% of your kitchen utensils and/or glassware are primarily used for one of the many stages of brewing.

pretty much the same as ynotbrusum

homebrewer/winemaker if…

You have about 10 bottles of wine left in the chest freezer, and it gives you a sense of panic.

^^in response I bottled 30 pinot noir and 30 riesling.

The spare room in your house becomes the fermentation room, and has a has a weird co2 airlock exhaust smell.

You might be a homebrewer if you’ve felt “empty fermenter syndrome”. To me, every empty fermenter is wasted potential. :smiley:

…you’ve tried seasoning your food with leftover hop pellet crumbs :oops:

If your Gf/wife asked you wtf you were doing as you hoved over your fermentor before work

If you consider not using a campden tablet because it’ll add $0.05 to the cost of the batch…

Your the only house in your neighborhood with a yeast lab.

The box of empty swing tops at your local liquor store says “save for your name”.

You have yeast stored in serveral locations in your house.

A night out on the town begins with a stop to check out a piece of equipment you saw on CL.

You assign one touch dialing for your LHBS.

Your first thought when drinking any non-alcoholic beverage is “how could I ferment this” and/or “I should try dry-hopping this”. I’ve been staring at the bottle of Pepsi in my cabinet for months now, thinking “I really should try making Hard Pepsi sometime”.

…you’re reading this posting

You could teach a course on the fluctuating patterns in the used chest freezer market.

You look through the vegetable crisper for things you could possibly add to the mash.

…when choosing which commercial beer to buy, you rule out any that are in twist-off bottles or cans.

+1 You got that right!

+1 You got that right![/quote]


…you get mad at your wife for tossing out the expired Orange Juice in the fridge because you wanted to see how the fermentation turns out.

Or you buy stubby bottles because they fit in the top rack of your dishwasher for sanitizing…

You taste a commercial beer and immediately start rattling off the potential ingredients… Hallertau Mittelfruh, German Munich, Wyeast 2308! :expressionless:

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