You guys have exactly 60 mins

to tell me how much sweet orange peel and coriander you think I should put in at flameout for my belgian IPA.

50/50 wheat/extra light LME
60 mins. 1 oz. Columbus
20 mins. 3/4 oz. Citra and 3/4 oz. Cascade
5 mins. 1/2 oz. Citra and 1/2 oz. Cascade

WLP 500

Edit: I’m thinking 1/2 oz. of each.


1 oz coriander 10 minutes before flameout. 1 oz orange peel 1 minute before flameout. NBs witbier recipe.

Huge let-down guys. :lol: I went with 3/4 oz. per ingredient and just did it at flameout. That being done I have a question about flameout additions: how long do you leave them in? I took these out at around 15 mins. but isn’t there a point where you start leeching off flavors or start curbing intensity?

Why would you take them out? I just grind the coriander with a coffee mill, add at one minute before FO or at FO if doing a whirlpool hop addition, and then chill as normal - most of it stays in the kettle.

I generally add my peel and coriander at 5min. I don’t take it out (I throw it in loose) but I do leave it behind when I rack the chilled wort to the fermentor.