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Yet another starter question

I wrangled a batch of yeast for the first time. it’s a wyeast 1450 (denny’s fav) that just came off a session of fermenting an extract batch of an amber ale.

I have some questions…

first, I am planning on using these as a starter and pitch to a new batch. Is one of those jars enough to use as a starter or should I double up for a 5 gallon batch?

second, I know the rules are there only as a guide, but…can I use that yeast on a significantly different beer? Oatmeal Stout is what I’d like to brew next, What say ye, NB forum?

Thanks in advance.

Ahh, those look real nice. Great job on the first harvest! If your next batch has a lower OG then 1 jar might be enough. The rule of thumb is to pitch 1/3 of a cake for ales, 1/2 cake for lagers. In this case, my advice is to pour off the beer and pitch 2 jars for your next batch. On your next harvest, split it into thirds. Have fun saving money on good yeast! :smiley:

Thanks. Any problem pitching that yeast (1450, Denny’s Fav) into an oatmeal stout that’s predicted OG is in the 1.055 range?

Mr Malty has a repitching from slurry option if your looking for how much to pitch. After a month I would make a starter.

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