Yet another starter question...

I need some help interpreting what I am seeing, as it is new to me. I made 2 starters yesterday afternoon, one for some Windsor I harvested on 2-2-13, one for some 1056 I harvested on 3-2-13.
each starter is 1 qt of water, 4 ozs. of DME, and a pinch of nutrient added during the 10 minute boil.

I pitched the yeasts( the Windsor was really stringy) and put them in a warm, dark cabinet in my kitchen. I do not have a stirplate, so I use the agitation method. 4 hours later, the Windsor was showing signs of life, the 1056 not. When I went to bed a few hours later, the Wind had a nice Kreuzen going, the 1056 looked dead. Upon waking, the Wind had dropped it’s kreuzen, and the 1056 was going good. Now, about 20 hours later, the 1056 looks like it is dropping too.

Are these starters still good? Or did the yeast die off? I want to do two brews today, a 2 gallon cream ale(1056) and a 5 gallon newcastle clone(Windsor).
Normally, I cold crash while they are still going, decant, and pitch while cold(ala Denny), and let the room temp wort warm the yeast. I have done seven batches this way, of all sizes, and have never had an issue till now.

I don’t know, maybe the Windsor is done? I have a pack of that sitting in the fridge, so not a big deal. The 1056, due to my small jars, is split between two. Maybe the jar I was taking from didn’t get all the good stuff when I washed? I am thinking of doing another 1056 from my other jar and seeing how that works.

It sounds to me like you have perfectly good starters. Generally, a starter has completed its task after 12-18 hours. There’s a much higher concentration of yeast, so it doesn’t take as long to finish.

Ah. So I can just decant and pitch as normal then. I guess I just never had a starter end so quick before.