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Yesterdays brew day

Yesterday was a great brew day… I put all the stuff together during the week so Saturday AM I was ready before the sun was up… The guy that introduced me into brewing, and the guy I introduced into brewing was a crucial piece of the day being so great! We pushed my 20 gallon kettle to the limit with a 15 gallon batch… All went well until time to chill… My homemade wimpy CFC plugged! Not once, not twice, but 3 times!! We went old school, got out the old copper IC. Well after a half dozen brews each, the chiller got us down to pitching temp… WHEW!! Really, it was fun to just brew and have only brewing on the mind… There are more of these sessions in the near future! Sneezles61


Nice. What you brew?

Winter warmer dark wheat… Came in at 1.054… Was suppose to be 1.060… I think I gave the chocolate wheat too much credit… One is getting Burton yeast, another hefewiesen yeast, and the other will get 3 strains, Hefe, Burton, Australian… Just having some fun… Sneezles61

Post the results. My money is on the Burton but not familiar with the Australian yeast

We put spices in too… I’ll post the recipe a little later… I’ll need to check my math on the potential OG… Sneezles61

Sounds like a great day! Very interesting pitching 3 yeasts in one.

Crazy, I did the math without giving the chocolate any points per pound value and my math comes out very close… On the other hand, John Palmer and Brad Smith do give it value… Anyone else care to weigh in? I may do an experiment this W/E to see for myself… Sneezles61

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