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Yes first brew session of 2018

3 weeks after my knee surgery. Gonna do a imperial pale ale today. Me just observing. My brew buddy and his son gonna do all the lifting and moving. Only things i did do was getting the starters ready. Looking forward today


Annnnnnnndddddddd, weeeeeerrrreeee BACK! Good deal! Hope you are recuperating well.

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Yeah it was fun to brew. Well observe and drink a few pints. Plan to be full in swing the first week of feb. Today transfer. Few beers to the keg. Damn must say my knee doing well. 2 a week pt. Only. Bad thing not allowed to work. From dr. Due to my kind of work. Lifting scubatanks. And diving. So me at home aĺl day. Creating. Recipy. For my self and the BREWERY

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