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Yes dry day no rain

Gonna do a brew session a storm the bastille. It a dry day.

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Going to be a snowy day here.

It’s wonderful when a brew day comes together and works out with no problems. Sounds like you’re off to a good start!

Yes. Around three brewing. Now milling of grains. Did tranfer a zombi dirt. To the keg. A nice abv 7.2

Current temp here is 11*F, supposed to go down to just above zero tonight, with a few scattered snowsqualls. And I’m about to head out to my tent. Cold weather camping with the Scouts. And yes, I’m crazy. I may have to go visit wilcolandzaat to warm up…


Actually the beer gods where on our side. Right to the end. It stayed dry.

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Did some of that cold weather camping when I was in Scouts. Have to ask myself why :grinning: Actually it was fun and an experience.

Been pouring rain here is the Florida Keys but already 76° at 8am. Suppose to clear up this afternoon I guess. I have a can of Fast Pitch and pack of Kveik yeast lined up to make a starter today, I think.

Got my shipment from NB of DME, LME, some crystal malt, the Kveik and a four pack of the Fast pitch. One can of the four was dented and leaked. NB replaced it no problem even though it was probably UPS’s fault.

Already had some Magnum and Cascade hops so this will be an improvised IPA I guess. A change from my usual 20 gallon AG batches up north but should be fun.

I used to love hiking and camping in colder weather in the Smoky Mountains when I was younger. No crowds on the trails, typically empty back country campsites, and fewer bears raiding for food at night.

I’m debating brewing 5 gals of pils this morning or just ramping up my starter one more step for a 10 gal batch on Wednesday. I’m leaning toward brew 5 today because I’ve got lots of empty kegs and I could also get 5 gals of IPA brewed and fermenting tomorrow. I just have two swamp coolers for fermenting and my pipeline is kind of low at the moment.

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I’m brewing 5 gals of pils today, then I’ll brew 5 gals IPA tomorrow or Wednesday. As soon as I can rack off the pils I brew 10 gals more and split the cake, then follow with Vienna or Schwarzbier. Somewhere along the way I’ll split that IPA cake and do 10 gals of that. That should get more beer around the house to drink. Gonna have to resort to store bought for the holidays to supplement the 8 or so gallons of Marzen i have on hand. Can’t believe I snoozed all summer and let my stock get so low.

I’ve got a Marzen on schedule for next weekend, then a Bock for 12/31. I traditionally do a bock or doublebock as my last brew of the year. This morning (after I warmed up) I realized that at the end of the year I’ll have 3 lagers going that won’t be ready until February-March. So, I looked at the ingredients I had on hand , and with a trip to my LHBS I put together what started out as a Scottish 90 shilling. But I have plenty of Cascades and Centennials in the freezer, so I thought I might dryhop it at high krausen and see if I can get the “juicy hazy” NEIPA feel/taste. It’ll be an experiment I think I’ll call “Northeast Scottish PA”.

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I’ve got a dozen or so bottles of Doppelbock stashed away for winter. Had one last night. Pretty tasty but puts me to sleep if I finish the bomber.

Man a 5 gallon brew day seems so much easier! Went a bit faster as things reach temp quicker, that threw me off, had to add cold water to get to strike temp and didn’t need any sparge to get my preboil volume. The bag was so light to pull too!

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yeah, I’ve kicked it up a notch as I was down to buying commercial beer after the (not brief enough) hurricane season. 3 batches in the pipeline now, HefeVIII, Pre Pro Lager, and Bohemian Pilsner. Porter in the planning stages as I had a Draft Porter at our LHBS and talked to the guy who brewed it…amazing. I’d forgotten how good a good porter can be.

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