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Yellow jackets

Having Ofest today. Alot of bees around the beer. Anyone knows how to control them chime in please

If they’re really yellow jackets your best option is to surrender to their demands.



I annihilated about 100 assholes with wings a few weekends ago…thanks Raid!!!

We take a plastic bottle of Mountain Dew pop either drink half of it or dump it, cut the top off neatly, turn the top upside down, and put it back on the bottle… Set it out off to the side where you are at, leave sit… We’ve had close to 50 of them assholes with wings stuck/drowned in the bottle… I would actually dump out half…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Sneezles61

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Ok thanks. I left a glass of ginger ale out and collected about 50. Also made a trap with a mixture of sugar water apple cider vinegar and a banana peel that worked pretty good on those AWWs. I think @sneezles61 is the way to go. Either way I got them under control. Unfortunately then the flies came out. Eventually they got bored and left

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You can take a 5 gallon bucket about half full of water, put a stick across the top and hang a piece of meat from a string dangling over the water. Yellow jackets will drop down before they fly up after feeding and drown in the water. Picked this tip up at a local feed store

I know it’s hard to part with 5 gallon buckets, just saying…

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The buckets not the problem but the meat would probably attract some bigger pests

We have them in the base of a willow tree. I waiting for dark then aimed a one of those insect foggers toward where they go in and repeated the next might. Didn’t even put a dent in them. I have a pile of bonfire wood stacked in front of it and afraid to tear it down and get stung. They are a giant PIA.

I did collect a bunch with one of the hanging bag traps. When we sit out on the deck we are usually armed with badminton racquets. Great satisfaction volleying with them.

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The one tip that I read that worked for ours at the old house was to wait until darkish, then pour diesel down their hole, cover the opening with an old t-shirt and a shovel of dirt. The fumes will kill em. I got drilled by one at this house mowing the lawn as there was a nest in our evergreen shrub bush thingie that used to be in my backyard. I couldn’t see how far down the hole in the bush went so I called the bee guy for that one. Once he was done, I dug that bush up and got rid of it. :joy:


I haven’t come across a nest yet but have found leaving a bunch of small glasses of soda around the yard have collected quite a few. Seems to have alleviated the problem don’t even see them around the humming bird feeders anymore

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