Yeast wont settle after bottling

I brewed an amber ale and let it ferment for 5 weeks. I bottle it up and let it set for 2 weeks. I put one in the fridge for 24 hrs to see how its doing and the beer is well carbonated and tastes really good. But even after being in the fridge the yeast does not want to settle. I get a good galss of beer with yeast floating around in it. All the others I have brewed the yeast settles and sticks to the bottom. Dont know if this is normal. I used a white labs liquid california ale yeast. Suggestions? Answers?

24 hours isn’t enough time for the yeast to settle - put them in the fridge for a week.

This ^^^. It may even take longer.

And what’s with the giant bold text? I know all caps means your shouting, but I sure did read your post as though you were shouting. Kinda funny actually :lol:

The big text is just easier to read for me. All of my other beers have settled fine after just 24 hrs in fridge. I will try a week and see what happens. Thanks

All yeast strains are different. Some flocculate faster. Some slower.

All yeast strains are different. Some flocculate faster. Some slower.[/quote]

What dobe12 said.

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Some lagers take a couple weeks to settle after racking from the primary (after a month). It varies beer to beer, as well as yeast strain to yeast strain. So give your amber ale at least a week in the fridge before judging it on that basis.

Thanks a lot guys. I have a few bottles in the fridge right now. The beer itself tastes really good so I was just wondering if something was wrong. Also I have come the realization that I need glasses after 30 years of seeing just fine so please excuse the large font I previously posted.