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Yeast washing using a plastic gallon jug

I’m going to be washing yeast for the first time this weekend, and I’d like an opinion on an idea I had. I’ve watched a few different videos on yeast washing and they both used a large glass container to dump the yeast/water mix into from the carboy.

I don’t have a large glass container so my thought was to just dump the yeast/water mix into a sanitized plastic jug, like one that milk would come in. From there I would add more water, shake, and let it settle before dumping into mason jars.

Anyone see if issues with using a plastic jug?

I’ve used one for transporting a couple quarts of donated yeast from a local brewpub with no ill effects. In the short term, I would be less concerned about using plastic in that case, because you don’t have to worry much about bacteria hiding in scratches. A new milk jug has had a short lifespan and doesn’t get the cleaning and storage abuse that cause scratches, in the first place.

Just buy a 1gal glass jug. Or if you can’t find one, go to your local grocery store and buy 1gal of apple juice or something like that. They gotta sell something in a one gallon glass jug. And chances are it will be cheaper than buying a new jug. No need risking something happening to your yeast in a plastic jug when you can get a glass one for only a few dollars.

Just FYI, this is yeast “rinsing” not “washing” which involves lowering the pH to kill everything but the hardiest yeast cells.

+1 on buying a glass jug of apple juice, and look for the one with the widest neck to make pouring easier.

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