Yeast Washing Question

Good morning fellow enthusiasts,

I am going to be trying my hand at saving/storing some yeast from my current batches currently in primary. I made a couple of Belgian Pale Ales with some PC Wyeast and want to save some yeast for future use in the event they turn out even more awesome than when I make them with my stock yeast (3787).

Unfortunately, I do not think I’ll have time to bottle and save the yeast in the same day. I’ll more than likely get to it the next day. So my question is, what is the best (for the yeast) for the lag of a day until I get to them. Airlock the carboy and keep it cool? Pour the 1 gallon of sterile water in, airlock and keep cool?

Just want to make sure I don’t harm the delicate yeast until I can get to them. Thank in advance!


1 gallon of sterile water, cooled, is the best. Keep the fermentor in the dark. You can wait a week without harm.

Thank you kindly Flars…I shall throw in a gallon of cooled, sterile water and toss it in the closet for the day.


Add the water to the fermenter, swirl to loosen the yeast cake, then divide into three quart Ball jars and store in the fridge. Done in maybe five minutes.

This ^ is what I’ve done lately. Then the following day I’ll decant the top liquid and replace it with more boiled, cooled water. I use it then, or store it.